Rainy Day Options

yslparismuseumshowThis is not a new subject in my blogs… The sun has been taking a big ole dump on my outdoor plans for quite a while now. If the degree of my whiteness is any indicator, we are currently at code ALBINO, (ALERT! ALERT! Entering sunlight may cause spontaneous combustion!), and I feel like that burning ball of fire is giving me the finger behind a curtain of clouds.

So. What do we do about this? I’ve been cooped up in my apartment too long– it’s time to GTFO!!

– YSL expo at Petit Palais:
I’ve heard great things about this exhibit, but haven’t gotten around to going yet! It’s open until this weekend, so as uge I’m down to the wire to get around to doing anything that could give me the slightest insight about how to dress my sorrily-clothed-ass.

– Kentrige 5 Themes expo at Jeu de Paume
This is by far one of my favorite museums in Paris, the expos never fail to disappoint! This expo looks particularly good. I like that it’s a mix of mediums – drawings, prints, films & all that. This is good because I have a real attention span pro- DID YOU SEE THAT BIRD FLY BY??

“Paris d’amour” expo at Hotel de ville
I actually saw it first in an article from 20 minutes I read in the metro. Note: this was when it first came out months ago and I was all excited about seeing it. I’m very proactive when it comes to fun, obvi. I also remember the image they had used was a beautifl pre-wedding woman destroying a sandwich the size of Greenland in her dainty gown. Loved that.

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