Raul Vega Solo Exhibition

Yes, that’s Sharon Stone naked. Once you get over the surprise of seeing a never-published photograph of the Basic Instinct actress in the buff–and you stop looking for public hair that appears non-existent–your eyes are drawn to the face. It’s not exactly a come-hither stare. And that is where you start to understand the artistry Raul Vega‘s photography. The Los Angeles based photographer, noted for his portraiture, will open his first European solo exhibition this Thursday. “classicNeoclassic” is a mini-retrospective of images from his career, which began in the 1970s. But the photos of celebrities such as Demi Moore and Jim Carrey make up the minority of the show. There are also erotic art photos that Vega created as personal work when not producing commissions for Vogue, Time, Rolling Stone and InStyle. And a photo of a cloud that the New Yorker magazine used to illustrate the landmark feature on the light of Los Angeles. But the centerpiece of the new show is new work of digitally manipulated architectural abstractions. The images, which have been printed in limited-editiron series of 20, depict (for the most part) Los Angeles structure–and, impressively, its amazing light. The show of 18 images open this Thursday at 7 PM Transacmer, and is open to the public.

Through October 27 at 19 rue du Bac, 75007

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