Reality Bites

Fran├žois Hollande was elected to the French presidency on the promise to close his eyes and plug his ears and yell ee eee ee eee eee eee eee until the Dragon of Reality got bored and went away.

Now it’s been a year, and the charmingly wishful ee eee ee eee eee eee eee policy is under strain. Instead of disappearing in a puff, the Dragon of Reality, contrary to expectations, has been devouring everything in sight. This is bad news. For France. For the left. For the President himself. No one is more stunned than Mr Hollande’s supporters – who now slam him for his lack of faith. Shout ee eee ee eee eee eee eee louder, you flabby infidel! they cry.

It’s like watching a theater full of children clapping frantically to save Tinkerbell, only to see her, not just die, but get hit by a bus, and thrown into a boiling poisonous river, where she is ripped apart by that awful crocodile with the clock ticking inside him.

Imagine the trauma. This, in short, is the psychological position of the French left today.


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