Rebels Without a Cause

protestOn his last day visiting Paris, a friend writes:







This week in champagne socialism: We fell in with a totally fun protest(!) today along rue aux Ours in the rain. Adrian and I were collared by an older lefty woman who  brought us into the issue with a passionate and persuasive barrage of indignant blather, mostly unintelligible, about closing post offices, or raising postal rates? I felt like the cat in that Far Side comic, where the man is yelling “Bad Trixie! Bad bad don’t scratch up the sofa. Trixie!” And in a seperate panel the cat is hearing “Blah Trixie, blah blah Trixie, blah blah blah blah, Trixie!” Still, we were happy to join the struggle, out of solidarity with…whatever it was.

Now he can consider his vacation complete.

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