Reflexology and More–for Cheap!

reflexologyparisblogWhen I’m not giving walking tours, I’m walking around the city researching for them, or checking up on places for the guidebooks I write. And I walk my dogs at least three times a day. I wear out shoes in no time, and eventually the feet get worn out, too (even when I try to cut down on the stilettos after dark). So I’ve tested a lot of reflexology foot massage places in Paris.Usually I go to one near me in Chinatown, called Dong Fang (12 rue Caillaux, 13th). They have big lazy boy chairs so I can sit next to my friends and chat if I have company, and they always offer tea, but it’s not really fancy at all. They start here with a foot soak. If you’re wearing trousers, make sure they’re loose enough to roll up to the knees. The ladies who do the massage have hands of iron, and I’m sure they get a kick out of watching my hands grip the arms of the chair, but I refuse to cry. They usually chat amongst themselves, and I imagine they’re saying “my god, this woman has huge feet!”. chinesemassageparisblogMy feet are a different shape after an hour, for just €32. This is where I go when I need a bit of “no pain, no gain” therapy. Last weekend I tried a much prettier place, Xin-Sheng (56 rue du Fbg Poissonière, 10th). The price is the same, but it looks like you’ve walked into a Shanghai opium den (in a good way). The massage was on a bed (trousers off, but covered in a blanket), with an eye mask and peaceful music, and the massage was much softer, more like a massage than reflexology (although they still snap the toes, ouch!).

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  1. Comment by Jason Blakes | 03/31/11 at 5:21 pm

    Hi there

    I am a foot reflexology student from London and I have recently moved to Paris. I’m looking for some experience to practice my reflexology skills so I am currently offering free foot reflexology sessions for willing volunteers.

    Since you appeared to have tried out a few places that offer similar services, I’d be keen for you to try one session with me and provide me some feedback.

    I am happy to travel anywhere within the city limits and this session will ofcourse be free for you.

    It would mean a lot to me if you consider this and let me know your thoughts/opinions

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.


  2. Comment by Malcolm | 06/20/11 at 9:45 pm

    Hi Jason

    If you still looking for some clients I am looking for some reflexology.. I have been having reflexology in London for the last 3 years so can give you plenty of feedback

    I am based in Luxemburg in central Paris



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