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1parisbymouthA friend of mine had a health scare a few years ago. “I decided if the doctor told me it was terminal, I would move to Paris and eat myself to death.” Luckily, she recovered. But for some people, a terminal diagnosis is not a prerequisite for a trip to the City of Light led mouth-first. Now, finally, there is a blog just for such foodies. A really good one. 2parisbymouthParis by Mouth boasts some of the city’s most prominent food writers, such as Dorie Greenspan, Alexander Lobrano, and Meg Zimbeck, who also moonlights here at The Paris Blog. On top of the smart writing on the restaurant scene—plus details on events each week, such as wine tastings—the site features a tool that helps you find a restaurant narrowed down by neighborhood, price, and days open. Bravo!

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