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book-coverIt “exudes a youthful energy that promises to make Paris an even more exciting place.” The new coffeetable book Shop Image Graphics in Paris is describing Point WC, a public toilet that has its own online shop of chic accessories, such as black toilet paper. The book captures what every lover of Paris knows: the thoughtfulness and talent in design here extends to places and things that most other cultures don’t bother fancifying. It’s an armchair trip to the City of Light sans Eiffel Towers and Champs Elysees ideal for anyone who thinks an afternoon spent smelling samples at Diptyque is as fully French an experience as waltzing through the Jardin de Luxembourg. It showcases the inside of hotels, restaurants, and shops for fashion, furniture, and design objects, and highlights the graphic design of Mariage Freres tea tins and Cojean food packaging. Here’s a layout.


Though individuality is what gives the collection of images such verve, a unifying zeitgeist emerges: classicism seamlessly melded with modernity. Savon de Marseille, for instance, has for decades molded its name into blocks of soap. Somehow, when those words are given a slightly updated font and put onto a box of body wash–that new version of soap—and sold in a stark white box of a store, it looks 100% up to date.

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