Rock ‘n Slow Hits Nightlife

cabaret guyThere’s no shortage of night clubs in Paris, especially if you like techno, hip-hop or generic pop dance music. But some of us get a little nostalgic for real rock and roll music, and even those classic slow dances where you get to dance a little…closer. Luckily, king of Parisian nightlife entertainment Nicolas Ullmann has decided to bring it all back for us — like high school prom minus the cheese and bad hair. 

His first soirée Rock’N’Slow will be January 7th from 10pm at a cozy little club called Le Tigre (5 rue Molière, 1st, M° Palais Royal). There will be a Jack Daniels open bar until they run out, and on the dance floor Ullmann’s favorite tunes from several genres including rockabilly, hard rock, swing, pop, country, psyché, punk, grunge, indie and soul. And every half hour there will be a quart d’heure américain with songs that, he promises, are not ringard

If you can’t make it, the next soirée will be January 21st.

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