Rose Blooms

Paris-based American artist [and contributor to The Paris Blog] Matthew Rose presents a new series of major works on paper at STORIE in the Montparnasse quartier of Paris, opening this Thursday, September 1. The new works target and recast religious icons, patriotism, gods and nature in a medium that the artist is well known for in both Europe and the United States. GOD & COUNTRY includes nearly 50 new works, plus a number of larger collage pieces, an edition of objects entitled “The Blood of Christ,” and a “wall paper” print edition, Birdpaper. As Mr. Rose explains, GOD & COUNTRY represents “the faces of belief in all things whether love, death, sex or indeed God and gods, and the notion of country-–nature, place, boundaries, persona. There’s a grand poetry to these two pillars of our world, and it is essentially surreal. My theory is a visual correction of these notions.”

20 rue Delambre, 75014. The opening starts at 6 PM


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