Royally Shod

How do you know when your playdate is starting to get royally stupid? When les moms start comparing royal warrants. La Mom had Paris Mom over for tea while the French Fries and the Paris kids played like nice little French children do: quietly.  In the dining room, things were becoming competitive.

Paris Mom: Sophie-Marie only wears shoes from Shtahrt Ry-eet.

La Mom: Pardon?

Paris Mom: Shtahrt Ry-eet.

La Mom: (What is she trying to say?) I don’t know this brand. Is it French?

Paris Mom: Eet ees Engleesh. Shtahrt Ry-eet.

La Mom: (Bells ringing) Oh, you mean Start-rite! Isn’t the brand American?

Paris Mom: No, it’s très English. The English Royals wore Shtart Ry-eet when they were young. They’re the official children’s shoe supplier to La Cour d’Angleterre. Prince William and Kate’s kids will be wearing nothing but Shtart Ry-eet.

La Mom: (The English court? Who speaks like this? We live in 2011, not 1711, last time I checked.)

La Mom: Start-rite is so expensive in France. I refuse to pay 90€ for shoes for a three year old.

Paris Mom: Mais non, 90€ is low-priced! I buy Shtart Ry-eet at Six Pieds Trois Puces if I can’t get to London.

La Mom: I buy mine in the US. It’s beaucoup cheaper.

Paris Mom: I really try to buy mine in London. I love the “official supplier to the English court” logo on the bag.


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