Rykiel Season

look2It’s Rykiel season (or almost)!

 The Rykiels are the royal family of French fashion. Mother Sonia and daughter Natalie have been designing since the 1960s when Sonia set up her quirky women’s knitwear company. look1Although she produces year-round collections, Autumn is Rykiel season: these are the months when you want to skip through Paris parks in black-and-bright-stripe sweaters, and go on dinner dates in backless knits embroidered with lamé bowties. (I did once see a girl wearing a Rykiel grey knit pinafore dress in August but I think she was just floating in a late Summer style vacuum and was really keen to get on with the new season’s look.)

 Now also designing for men, the Rykiel empire exends from the knitted and felted flounces of main line (international design at international prices right on the Boulevard Saint Germain) through Sonia Rykiel Paris (a more affordable and fun diffusion range of brightly coloured, often stripey pieces) rykiels1to a sportswear boutique, perfume and even Rykiel Woman, the designer’s very own erotic toyshop which I failed to dare to go into earlier this year.



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