Sarkozy’s Fave Crêpes

creperieparisblogThe euro has been falling faster than Joan Rivers’ latest face lift, so to celebrate we schlepped ourselves 25 minutes over to the bowels of the 15th arrondissement, to French President Sarkozy’s favorite crèpe restaurant: 142 Crêperie Contemporaine. Jim and Pam Leavy discovered this secret and passed it on to us. What they didn’t tell us was that the number 142 was chosen for the number of departments in Britanny!
If you like crèpes, forget all the rest. This is IT! It’s a discreet place, not fancy, like a diner with a sun room added on (though must say most of the customers, almost all French, looked expensive) Yannick, the owner (a Breton, what else), a handsome man as Richard pointed out, met us at the door and seated us at once (in spite of a bad moment when we thought, jeez, why didn’t we reserve. Best to do that, au cas ou).

It’s a fun menu, full of crèpes choices with three formulas: 10,50 euros, 14,50 (noon) and 20 (noon and dinner). Richard had the 10,50 one, a whole wheat crepe (he chose egg, bacon, and Emmenthal cheese); a “classique” dessert crèpe, Nutella for Richard; and a big cup of hard cider. I got the Fénelon specialty, 9 euros, and boy was I glad I did. Richard liked his but loved mine even more: egg, bits of ham, mushrooms, creme fraiche and parsley. I think it was the creme fraiche that put it over the moon.


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  1. Comment by Ashley | 06/03/10 at 7:44 pm

    Hi! Just stumbled onto your blog because of the crepe posting. Sarkozy’s favorite crepes, who knew? I love your review, your tone is so appealing. I just created a new page on my website for the review of creperies (or any restaurant that serves them) and would appreciate your contribution. Would you consider submitting your review of 142 Crêperie Contemporaine to my crepe restaurant review page? If so, I’ll happily post a link to your blog, if you like!


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