Showbiz, French Style

Here’s an armchair trip to Paris without the tourist trappings of foie gras, fashion shows or palaces. 10 percent 2It’s the TV series “Call My Agent!” (French title “Dix Pour Cent”) whose first season is available on Netflix. Set in a French talent agency, it follows four agents and their assistants scrambling after the death of their boss. It’s a small, scrappy company with a handful of megawatt star clients (such as Nathalie Baye and Cecile de France, who play themselves), whose agents undercut each other as much as the competition.
Playing out in all your favorite Parisian settings–Pere Lachaise, the Tuileries, ridiculously chic cafes–“Call My Agent!” illuminates social dynamics both Parisian (a lesbian and her straight male coworker consider having a baby together) and universal (the incessant insecurity of actors). 10 percent 3

The production and costume design are on point, the actors are adept at carving out distinct personalities in a large ensemble cast, and the plot lines are just over-the-top enough to soften the cynical underbelly of showbiz. Highly recommended!

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