Snow = Standstill

Some Italian friends, designers, have been here this past week to visit two big Paris trade fairs, Bijorhca for jewelry (including costume jewelry) and Maison et Objet for home design. It was bad luck for the fairs that they coincided with Paris’s biggest snowfall in years. The city of Paris cannot deal at all with even a few inches of snow, and comes to a complete halt, for some unknown reason; a lot of people probably abandoned the idea of going in the difficult circumstances. One metro actually got stuck on a bridge while going over the Seine and they had to evacuate all the passengers. Boats came to help in case anyone fell in!


One Response to “Snow = Standstill”

  1. Comment by Vincent | 01/28/13 at 10:07 pm

    AHAH thats totally true, in France we are never prepared to face the snow, but anyway it gives the chance for photograph to enjoy themselves taking nice shots of Paris 😉

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