Sponsored Post: Best Bistros for Traditional Parisian Cuisine

There are many things that draw people to Paris, from its historic architecture to its romantic atmosphere. But something that definitely attracts holidaymakers to the French capital year in, year out is its delicious cuisine. Choosing where to eat in a city full of tasty offerings can be difficult, so here’s an insider’s guide to help narrow down your selection.

You may have booked into a cheap Paris hotel and found a good deal on flights, ferries or trains to hop over – or under – the Channel, but one area you won’t want to scrimp on is the food. French delicacies can be found in Paris in abundance – think snails, foie gras, crusty bread and more cheese than you know what to do with!

These are our favourite bistros in Paris, where you can really indulge your passion for French food.

Frenchie Gregory Marchard is the chef of this restaurant, which aptly serves up French food to eager patrons. Frenchie is situated in the old garment district of Paris, Le Sentier, meaning you can enjoy an authentic Parisian atmosphere while tucking into some tasty treats. The menu offers a wide range of dishes from foie gras to smoked mackerel and pork to minestrone. However, if you’re anything like me, your eyes will be distracted by the desserts, in which case you can sample the likes of strawberry tarts and panna cotta. There are a number of deals to be had at Frenchie, so you can choose to indulge in a range of options that include starter, main, dessert and cheese. Or, you can really spoil yourself and have them all!.

Le Regalade This vintage-looking eatery is everything you could want from a French bistro – period decor, a buzzing atmosphere and (most importantly) well turned-out dishes. Bruno Doucet is the head chef and, for the food, think pates, risottos, tarts and Basque pork. It offers a fixed price menu, which allows you to enjoy a variety of dishes, so keep an eye out for this when you sit down. If you’re looking for somewhere with a film noir ambiance (which many of us associate with Paris), go here.

Le Bistrot Paul Bert This restaurant is a popular eatery for trendy young professionals. You can expect a bohemian vibe from locals who love it, as well as an international scene from holidaymakers who have heard about it. It has a very retro vibe, with old-fashioned adverts on the walls. However, the most important consideration to bear in mind when choosing somewhere to eat is, of course, the food. There is the option of a fixed-price menu, which includes steak and fries – a meal you have to try at least once during your visit. Other choices comprise braised beef cheeks, monkfish with potatoes and veal chops. Don’t forget to look at the dessert menu, of course, and you’ll have to face the difficult decision of choosing between the likes of creamy Paris-Brest and fruity Tarte Tatin. After you have made your choice, finish the meal with a strong coffee before heading out to explore the beautiful streets of Paris, or stay inside where you can immerse yourself in the charming atmosphere for a little while longer.

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    Hi The 3 bistros sound quite good, but where are they located, nearest metro stop,lunch price and dinner price, tel #. Hours of service. Thanks

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