Sponsored Post: Paris Rental Flats

Planning a trip to Paris? Use your budget savvy to find the very best value in lodging. The Vacation rental apartment Paris – Bastille Appartement Matthieu is a prime example of this. This unique space, located in the lively and popular 11th arrondissement, is for the food and party lover. The large kitchen seems to magically draw people around it. This is the sort of true Parisian experience you could never have in a hotel—at least, not in one with a low price of €145 a night!

B and B Paris Beaubourg Guestrooms are another example of the sort of unique, hand-picked rental flats available for short-term stays in the City of Light. Let me ask: have you ever heard of a B and B guesthouse in the ultra-desirable Marais district—with a marble fireplace and terrace—for €105 a night? You have now.

For the super-frugal, there is Apartment Paris Studio Jolie Rêverie, a charming, light-filled studio in the artistic Oberkampf area of the 11th arrondissement. At a mere €90 a night, this rental will leave you with plenty of extra euros for food, museums, and souvenirs.

Each of these rental apartments are located in lively, safe neighborhoods near multiple modes of transportation. Go here for the full list on unique Paris accommodations (as well as similarly fabulous rental flats in Rome, Florence, Venice, Barcelona, and London.

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  1. Ken
    Comment by Ken | 01/06/12 at 5:16 pm

    Your highlight of the B&B in Paris was excellent – never thought about that option. Do the B&Bs in Paris provide the same services as they do here in the States or are there some basic differences??

  2. Comment by Steve | 01/06/12 at 11:06 pm

    Hi Ken – thanks for asking.

    I think in the US, the idea of Bed and Breakfast evokes a little Victorian house. Since many Americans live in houses rather than apartments, the idea of renting out part of your home easily relates to the house imagery. In Europe, pretty much all of B&Bs or guesthouses are apartments – usually about 100 sq meters, that have a room or two for rent, and a good bit a distance between where the owner lives and the guests. Often, bathrooms are private, ensuite, but sometimes they are in the hall. On our site, we distinguish between Guestrooms and B&Bs based on whether there’s breakfast offered (if no breakfast, it’s a guesthouse/guestrooms).

    I think the experience is similar though in that you’re staying in someone’s home. The kind of information you get is so superior to staying in a hotel (where many employees won’t know the area as well as they live elsewhere and commute to work). Also, when dealing with individuals who are semi-professional you get a different authenticity. When you connect, you can feel that it isn’t rehearsed and part of their training – rather, many people who choose to do this are naturally hospitable.

    If you have any other questions, let us know.


  3. Comment by Lidia | 01/07/12 at 12:06 pm

    How much would it exactly leave in my pocket? 105 versus 90 eur different that I could spend elsewhere what is 15 eur is enough for… please…

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