Sponsored Post: Paris Top Extravagant Restaurants

by Yuli Linssen Kaminitz

Paris is known as one the most stylish cities in the world. The beautiful streets full of character, fashionable people everywhere, stunning language, delicious food and elegant culture, all makes Paris the center for beauty, style and classiness. One of the main reasons so many visitors come to Paris year after year, is the tasty food and the trendy restaurants. French food is different in its uniqueness and outstanding taste however; you certainly need to be some sort of food lover in order to like it. If you enjoy, for example, a meal at the MacDonald’s, there is a big chance you will find French food tasteless or overcomplicated. For those of you who like to enjoy delicious food and wine, Paris will be a dream come true. Because there are so many good but also pricey restaurant in Paris, take a look at our top Paris restaurants list below, in order to learn where are the best places to eat in town.

Restaurant Les Papilles 30, rue Gay Lussac, 75005
When entering the Les Papilles, you would probably think you got the wrong address and got into a wine shop instead of a restaurant. Well, no worries about that as you are exactly where you need to be. Even though the food portions are known to be rather small here, (French people don’t tend to eat too much so it explains it) they are absolutely delicious and full with the chef’s creativity. Because Les Papilles is located indeed in sort of a wine store, it is no surprise that most of the dishes are suited to fit perfectly with the beverages on offer. Get one of the four-course-menu together with one of the wine bottles on the wall, in order to be able to enjoy fully this amazing bistro experience.

Restaurant du Palais-Royal 110 Galerie Valois, 75001
Located in one of the most stunning locations in town, (right under the arcades of the Palais- Royal) this stylish bistro offers its visitors an outdoor meal in a beautiful green garden, surrounded with colorful flowers. This super romantic restaurant serves amazing delicates that include treats like: black squid and lobster, appetizing risotto, different vegetarian meals and mouth-watering desserts. Aside from the relaxed setting, the inside interior design is chic, trendy and full of style, same as the people sitting there. Visit the de Palais- Royal on a sunny day and enjoy a big glass of white wine while soaking up the sun.

Restaurant Sola 12 rue de l’Hôtel Colbert, 75005
Sola restaurant is a combination between Japanese and French bistro. The extremely talented chef, Iroki Yoshitake is clearly passionate about unique cooking, large variety of flavors and brilliant mixture of French and Asian cuisines. When dining at the Sola you will be asked to remove your shoes when sitting in the lower level of the place, the ground level is designed in a Japanese style and sitting bare feet is an old tradition. Red onions and miso sauce, grapefruit and lemon oil, soup of fennel, entrecote with Japanese mushrooms and other delicious dishes, are all part of the incredible, innovative menu.

Restaurant Mood 14, avenue des Champs Elysées, 75008
Mood is another beautifully designed restaurant that is influenced by Asian culture. This current hot spot is extremely popular by tourists and local together and every night it attracts all the glamorous people of the city. Starched over three large floors and 1000 square meter, the restaurant offers different sitting areas and each one of them is unique, fashionable and cozy. Aside from amazingly fresh and delicious food, Mood also organizes smashing parties every weekend. Book a table on Friday or Saturday and from midnight on you will be able to dance to groovy tunes and sip delicious cocktails.

Le Jules Verne Champ de Mars, 75007
We decided to end our top Paris restaurants list with the crème de la crème of Paris, a magnificent one –star Michelin restaurant that is situates in the famous Eiffel Tower, the main symbol of France. Over viewing the entire city, the Le Jules Verne is a treat that every person, (that can afford himself a very expensive meal) should try at least once in his lifetime. The interior design of the place is just magnificent: chocolate brown couches, soft amber lighting, huge windows and neon blue bar. The restaurant serves traditional French food and thanks to its immense popularity you will need to book your table at least one month in advance.

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  1. Comment by Brian Kreulen | 06/21/11 at 9:54 am

    Can’t speak for the rest of the picks, but the Mood should definitely NOT be on any list. When it first opened it was fresh and new, but it quickly succumbed to the “we’re famous, we don’t need to try or care anymore” trap. Dishes are over-priced, not worth the money. I haven’t been to the place for dancing, so I can’t speak to that, but I definitely would not eat there anymore. Just my .02€

  2. Comment by Angela Bruns | 06/21/11 at 3:56 pm

    Great entry! I am studying abroad in France and will be in Paris next week. The food is one of my favorite things about France. You make a great point about the difference between fast food joints like McDonald’s and the food here in France. I will be sure to check out one of these restaurants! Restaurant du Palais-Roya sounds phenomenal.

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