St. Germain: Not Just for the Rich

Friends warned me that there’s no Franprix in St. Germain, the neighborhood I’m staying in for a couple of weeks. “The rich have their maids shop for them, and they don’t care what groceries cost.” Turns out there is a Franprix, and a Carrefour (with a deceptively small entrance), and of course the Monoprix on rue de Rennes. Still, I, too, held this notion of St. Germain being too expensive for shopping. Well, scratch that. Kilo, a vintage boutique on Boulevard St. Germain, is one of the most affordable I’ve come across. Inside it feels more like New York’s Canal Street than 6th arrondissement. It sells men’s and women’s clothing by weight, and is stocked to the gills with winter staples. I bought a blue felt hat–a bargain version of Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane–for 5 euros. Worth checking out!

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