Belief in astrology: it’s sort of like autism. Or sexuality. It’s a spectrum, not a black-and-white thing. Like many people, I don’t believe the planets guide our every action, but there’s little denying that the movement of our solar system (and beyond) has a real effect on us earthlings. Just look at the tide, or reflect on the spurts of mayhem that always seem to take place when Mercury is in retrograde. I can’t resist reading my horoscope when I come across it by chance. And who doesn’t love the imagery and lore associated with the zodiac?

For people like us, there’s Starsky + Cox, a duo of astrologers who come next month for their annual residency in Paris. Though they possess an encyclopedic knowledge of astrology, their guidance to clients is focused on inner nature rather than outside influences. So it’s little surprise that followers (who include the owners of the concept store Colette) view their Cosmic Consultancy private sessions as a kind of therapy. The fact that Stella Starsky and Quinn Cox have been a couple for 30 years inspires confidence in their understanding of making relationships work. Their two books, Sextrology and Cosmic Coupling, continue to sell, years after initial publication.

In a Cosmic Consultancy session, your astrological chart is presented and discussed, but you will never hear directives such as “Don’t take the job,” or “The planets say this guy is right for you.” The duo, who have worked as journalists and editors in the past, look at the big-picture world as it relates to and affects you.

If you’re interested in this 2.0 version of astrology, have a look at the Starsky + Cox website, where witty, informed horoscopes are posted each week.

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