Stellar Chinese Food in the 12th

chinese3Shan Goût opened in March and was immediately tapped by François Simon as the newest place to go. The resulting critical stampede made me a little cynical, so I avoided it for a while. Then Braden and Laura, two very accomplished eaters, tested it out. Their praise was unwavering, and included the words “best ravioli ever.” With so much love in my heart for the dumpling  (ravioli is the generic French word for gyoza-type goodness), it wasn’t long before I had a reservation at Shan Goût. chinese-2Upon entering, you’ll see that Shan Goût really isn’t much in terms of decor. A few hangings, red lanterns on the ceiling, and a Buddha at the register. Seating that looks like it may have come from a convention center sell-off. Napkins rolled with a black ribbon and fastened with a paper clip. But none of this matters because you are waiting to eat the “best ravioli ever.” And so? It wasn’t the Best Ever. But it was nice, and surprisingly delicate. chinese1I could taste (or the waiter told me) that the wrapper was freshly made. And yet my taste buds were searching for something… was it MSG? This place uses old Szechuan recipes and no artificial additives. Was my palate unable to appreciate non-chemical Chinese? Thankfully, no. The dishes that followed were less anemic. Some were actually hit-you-over-the-head tasty. 


22, rue Hector Malot, 75012, 01 43 40 62 14

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