Strengthen Your Love!

Ah, spring! It’s finnaly warm enough for a relaxed strolls on Boulevard St. Germain. A picnic in the Jardin de Luxembourg. And stopping for a canoodle on the Pont des Arts.

The pedestrian bridge synonymous with romance is famous for its padlocks attached to its bordering fence. The only thing sweeter than a lover attaching a lock to the wall of love? Having the lock customized with your names. Or another sort of personalization—a symbol or a private expression. allows you to do just that from the comfort of your home. Using super-simple tools, you choose your art, text and layout. Mere days after you check out, your lock arrives in the mail—with two keys! Such locks are not just for couples of course. They are for best friends, parents and siblings, even for your own self. (Hmmm…Mother’s Day is on the horizon…)

The Pont des Arts is not the only spot where the public has taken to attaching padlocks. Have a look at these Instagram photos for inspiration! The locks start at $29.99, leaving plenty of money in your waller for a baguette, some brie, and a bottle…

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