Summer Clubbing in Paris

Throughout Paris right now, flyers with the word “Wanderlust” are littered on streets and plastered on surfaces. For days, I could not figure out what this mysterious Wanderlust implied until I stumbled upon the answer while at an exhibition in the Cité de la Mode et du Design. Having an espresso in the museum café, I noticed a DJ setting up on the terrace outside, surrounded by an outdoor bar and hundreds of plastic lounge chairs. I realized this was Wanderlust, a new addition to Paris nightlife.

Conceived by the same people behind Silencio and the Social Club, two of the hottest Parisian clubs, Wanderlust Paris is a project dedicated to providing free concerts and entertainment, as well as interdisciplinary activities, throughout the summer. The festivities take place on the expansive terrace of Cité de la Mode et du Design, a spectacular location looking out onto the Seine, perfect for those warm summer nights. During the day, Wanderlust offers several different activities related to fashion, music, food and cinema. For example, events have included fashion movie marathons and hip-hop lessons for kids. On Saturdays there are activities for children and adults alike, from superhero costume crafting to sewing. And on Sunday, you can find your inner Zen with a yoga class, or find a new look with a tattoo artist or hairdressing sessions. A full list of these free and reservationless activities for the week can be found on the Wanderlust website.


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