Summer Sales Primer

The July sales are such a big deal in Paris that they attract out-of-town and even out-of-country shoppers making the trip just for the occasion. Heather from My Euro Crush offers her expert advice on the monthlong event:

Usually everything from the previous season is on sale during the july Soldes in Paris. In this case, the spring/summer season is discounted. Stores will separate the new season and it will usually be marked nouvelle collection or articles non soldées which means it’s not on sale. Everything else is. Some stores, usually the high-end ones, only have a tiny little sign in the window that says “sale” or “soldes“. Sometimes the sale price is not marked on the ticket, but that doesn’t mean it’s not on sale. All you have to do is ask the sales person which items are on sale or if a particular item is on sale, and she will usually tell you if it is, and what the percentage mark-down is. Don’t forget to gfirst reet her with a friendly “Bonjour” before you ask.

Items usually start around 30 – 50% off, and as time goes by, the discount gets deeper, up to 70%. If it’s a staple item that the designer always has available, it may not have a huge discount or may not be on sale at all.

As far as I know, everyone except Chanel and Louis Vuitton participate in the end-of season sales. Yes, even Louboutin’s red soles go on sale, but probably not the basic must-have black or nude pumps, because they do not go out of style.

Hermès has a special sale for 3-4 days, not in store, but in the Palais des Congrès location. The dates for this have not been announced yet.

Also as far as I know, the high-end jewelers and watch brands do not have sales.


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