Summer’s Swan Song

parisautumnblogYesterday, as dinner cooked and the sun set, a group of gypsy performers wandered onto my street coming off thier daily train rounds. I smiled down at them because I’d seen them before – I guess that they live in somewhere in the neighborhood. They waved back up and me and started me a serenade, smiling and tooting their trumpets charismatically. At the end, they asked for a coin or two and I was happy to oblige. A euro is a small price for high entertainment in Paris. They continued down the street as the neighbors happily leaned off their balconies to throw them their spare change. The music faded into the evening.

I cherish those simple moments. They remind me why I love living here.

Last night was one of those « it’s too hot to sleep » nights, probably the last of the summer. Today I couldn’t help but notice that the chesnut trees had already begun to shed their yellowing foliage. I am not ready for the cold of winter. I need to buy new sweaters and tights. I still need the sun.

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  1. Comment by MarianCrostic | 08/27/10 at 10:58 pm


    I am having a hard time believing that the photo above was taken recently.

    Is it possible that the color has changed so quickly in Paris? or is this photo from another year, 2009, maybe?

    My friend also would like to receive The Paris Blog on a regular e mail schedule. Is this possible?

    Thank you,

    Marian Crostic

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