Empanada Heaven

Clasico Argentino serves classic Argentinian empanadas as well as an American classic: ice cream.

In its third space, near the Place des Vosges, the new Clasico Argentino is tiny with a takeout bar and a counter with a few seats. The other locations are full restaurants with takeout counters.

The affable Argentinian chef Gaston told me to have the choriempa, a sausage empanada made with Argentinian beef; and queso y cebolla, made with cheese and onion. The empanadas are made by hand and each one has a different shape, which makes for a nicer presentation and also helps one distinguish between the 8 different kinds. I guess they heat them food the old-fashioned way and not in a microwave, because, boy, did it take long.

I sat at the counter that had a calming sea blue wall. The food is served on white china plates, with stainless flatware and real drinking glasses, which impressed me for counter service at a takeout place. I also liked the distressed wood stools. The empanadas were worth the wait, as the cheese and onion one was a bit gooey inside and the crust flaky and warm. The sausage one was slightly dryer but tangy with a spicy bite to it.


8 rue du Pas de la Mule, 75003

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