Tat’s All, Folks!

vintage tattooParis’ museum of indigenous art, the Musée du Quai Branly, presents “Tatoueurs Tatoués,” an exhibition devoted to the practice of tattooing, with over 300 historical and contemporary works from all over the globe on display. Curated by Anne & Julien, founders of the art magazine Hey! – and in collaboration with France’s most revered tattoo artist, Tin-Tin – “Tatoueurs Tatoués” traces the history of body art from the ritualizing decorations of traditional societies, to a means of marking criminals, to a form of sideshow spectacle, up to its present day ubiquity. On show are a vast variety of exhibits, from samples of tattooed skin (such as a swatch from 18th century Indonesia), to archival photos of the tattooed and the tattooers (such as Britain’s first female tattoo artist, Jessie Knight, born 1897), tools (including Thomas Edison’s 1877 stencil gun) and tattooed silicon body parts and canvases of fantasy projects created especially for the exhibition by 30 master tattooers from across the world.


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