How the Tell-All Got Told

hollande valerieMega-bestseller. A first print run of 200,000 copies released September 4 and already out of stock in many stores and being reprinted.

Valérie Trierweiler’s kiss and tell off Merci pour le Moment is a publishing success.

Lying, cheating politicos beware: French women don’t keep quiet.

The myth that French women don’t mind if their husbands (or boyfriends) cheat on them might just be a myth after all.

Not only did Ms Trierweiler mind – which is kind of funny if one remembers that her ill-starred love affair started with the future president betraying his own wife with her – but she minded so much that she tried to commit suicide, followed by political murder.

thanks for this moment(That’s minding)

The real mystery here is how this book got into bookstores in the first place, since France has a long and not particularly distinguished tradition of censorhip of books.

Books that are about to be published have been forbidden.

Books that have been printed have been ordered destroyed.

Books that have been distributed and displayed on bookstore shelves have been withdrawn, boxed up and pulped, never to be seen again (until a European court ruling, for example, paved the way a decade later for republication.)


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