That’s Mr. Garbage to You

in French garbage cans are called “poubelle” after the name of Eugène-René Poubelle, a prefet de police (head of the Paris police department) who passed a law on March 7, 1884 saying that “from now on landlords must provide their tenants with a box that allows them to dispose of their garbage and fire remains.” A newspaper started calling them “the Poubelle boxes” and there you go! That is how you make history.

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  1. Comment by Rachel | 05/14/11 at 12:59 pm

    Your blog is the PERFECT thing to have found on day six of my first time in France, where so much of my experience has been great, but also traumatic. Wish I’d found this a month ago. But thank you thank you thank you. I think the next nine days will be smoother. You rock.

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