The Colonne Sèche

I had always known of them as standpipes. Colonne sèches are an essential part of fire-fighting equipment for taller buildings. The water pressure from fire hydrants cannot raise the water beyond a few storeys. Moreover, fire hoses either have to spray on the fire from outside or be dragged up the stairs to the fire, and believe me, fire hoses are very heavy. Here is where the colonne sèche or standpipe saves the day when connected to another piece of equipment: the pumper truck.

The colonne sèche is a pipe to bring high-pressure fire-fighting water to locations inside a building. The water comes from a pumper truck which, when connected to the colonne sèche, pumps water to various parts of the building. Inside the building, one will find carefully folded fire hoses and nozzles already hooked up and ready to be pulled from a rack. Once turned on and connected to the pumper truck by the colonne sèche, the hoses are ready to go to work.


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