The French Crime Rate

We tend to think of France as a civilized country, even in terms of crime. Yet the Hexagon suffers more homicides each year than Spain and Germany, according to the European Commission, a government agency that represents the interested on the European Union.

A chart showing murder rates from 2007 – 2009 places France in a more dangerous spot than Greece and even Italy, but safer than 16 of its EU neighbors, including Belgium, Luxembourg, and Denmark. (Click to enlarge.)

Should visitors to France be concerned? Well, yes and no. Most murders happen between acquaintances rather than total strangers. But petty crime is a persistent problem in metropolitan areas. Pickpocketing, especially.

So don’t worry about losing your life on vacation. But think about travel insurance if you want a more worry-free vacation.

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  1. EM
    Comment by EM | 10/22/12 at 8:51 pm

    There’s a crime ring stealing mirrors from Vespas. Late at night these criminals, probably kids, unscrew them and basically sell them back to the victims. I was recently the victim of said crime and the guy who put on the new ones swore to me that he didn’t buy them from criminals. But really, who knows?

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