The Greening of the Champs Elysees

1caI know you think this is a Photoshop edit, but it’s not! During the night of Saturday to Sunday, hundreds of French farmers brought dirt, plants and a few farm animals to Les Champs Elysées to turn them into a giant field. It’s not a demonstration, but a PR event called Nature Capitale to remind the Parisians of what the country – and life in the country! – looks like. Enormous – huge – success as this kind of event does not happen very often. I loved it. So much, that I may go back tomorrow at dawn when there are less people (hopefully). BTW, the funny part is that Les Champs Elysées used to be fields (or rather a swamp area) until Marie de Medici decided to have an avenue built there, in 1616! Update: here is a view from the arch, courtesy of Silvia, a friend of mine.

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    Je me sens super, une image très bonne

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