The Hidden Streets of Paris

Paris, one of the world’s most historic and beautiful cities, is home to many celebrated streets and avenues known across the world. However, the City of Light plays host to just as many hidden streets and squares, each with its own unique character, history and fascinating reasons to visit. For visitors to Paris both veteran and new, these hidden gem streets and squares are worth exploring just as much as the city’s world-renowned thoroughfares.

Place des Vosges is Paris’ oldest city square and is acclaimed for its remarkable beauty and breath taking architecture. The square dates back to 1604 when King Henry IV established a Royal pavilion in the area. At the King’s behest, all other buildings in the square were built with similar designs and architecture, creating a symmetrical and beautiful city square. Over the years, many famed and prominent Parisians like Victor Hugo lived in Place des Vosges, adding to its rich history and cultural significance. Today, the square is open to the public and is renowned for its stunning architecture and landmark status in the realm of urban planning.

Located on the Left Bank of the River Seine, Boulevard Saint-Germain is known for its vibrant nightlife and bevy of cafes, fine shops and bistros. A great place for shopping, dining and nightlife, Boulevard Saint-Germain is definitely worth a visit while in Paris.

One of the city’s most historic and storied streets, a walk down Rue Mouffetard is like a veritable history lesson in Parisian heritage and ancient history. The street is actually part of an ancient Roman avenue that once ran across the city and is known for its narrow, historic character. Today, Rue Mouffetard is packed with markets, shops, eateries, bakeries and authentic Parisian restaurants. One of the city’s most historic and noteworthy thoroughfares, Rue Mouffetard is not to be missed.

Rue de Tournon is renowned for its gorgeous Parisian architecture and rich history. For visitors looking for historic buildings and Paris’ architectural elegance, Rue de Tournon is just the place to go.

A true hidden gem, Rue de Commerce is one of the city’s finest shopping streets and home to some of the world’s most prestigious stores and boutiques. Located very close to the iconic Eiffel Tower, Rue de Commerce is packed with over 100 fine shops, fashion outlets and boutiques. A shoppers’ paradise, Rue de Commerce is a must-visit street in the heart of Paris.

Visiting these incredible locations couldn’t be easier with so many options available to visitors. These range from hotels to mobile homes and affordable holidays in France are available with most major operators. So why not take to the streets of Paris this summer.

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  1. Comment by Simply Paris | 08/09/12 at 10:42 am

    There are multiple restaurants around the perimeter and sometimes musicians playing music. A really nice place to visit and relax before walking through the garden to the Hotel de Sully. The place des Vosges is extremely scenic and a very nice place to sit and relax, as well as being very photogenic. We had a great view of Boulevard St Germain from the top deck of the double decker Open Tour bus. This area, known for the history of artists, writers, and great thinkers, is rich and full of life.

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