The Kale Whisperer

Kristen Beddard’s fervent campaign to raise awareness about kale in Paris – from its unequivocal health benefits to the endless possibilities of cooking with it – has attained new heights. Her indefatigable efforts have caught the attention of international media but more importantly, they’ve reached both farmers and up-and-coming chefs with the power to influence consumption and drive further understanding of the légume oublié.

I admire her work not only for its visible effects on the Parisian consciousness – ‘le kale’ is gradually becoming part of the urban culinary vernacular thanks entirely to her dedication- but for the sense of self and community she has constructed for herself along the way. Incidental though it may have been, that sense of purpose gave her the clarity to see Paris as more than a transient home but rather a place for opportunity.

In a short documentary, produced by Dark Rye (the Whole Foods magazine), Kristen talks about her experience launching The Kale Project in Paris and how the leafy green effectively changed her life.


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