The Moment Has Passed

Three years ago I wrote this post about a shop for dowdy women’s clothing.

The inevitable has recently happened: the shop closed, and something else has appeared in its place: a Franprix Nano (a mini grocery store).

stereo - 1 (1)

Instead of being sad, however, I find myself relieved that the replacement isn’t something ridiculously trendy, like a cold-pressed juice place (even though I love cold-pressed juice; I just want those places to be in the Marais or St. Germain. Not in my back yard!).

I shopped for the first time in the Franprix today. It carries soy sauce–both the salty kind and the sweet kind, which I never see in the US–and the clerk was a chic and friendly young woman.

Sure, Paris is changing and Paris is gentrifying. But it is doing so at its own Gallic pace. Adieu, Rozaria

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