The Nanny Diary

poussetteThe new nanny started last week and I don’t think our association will make it to the end of next week.

So once again, I’m nanny hunting. DO NOT APPLY IF YOU PLAN ON DOING THE FOLLOWING:

-Asking for August vacation dates on your first day at work (in January).

-Asking for a salary advance on your second day at work.

-Showing up 20 minutes late on your third day at work (with the lame excuse that you got stuck in your building’s elevator.)

-Showing up 10 minutes late on the fifth and sixth day at work (and always blame it on the Paris metro being late.)

-Calling in *sick* on the seventh day of work.

-Showing up 25 minutes late on the eighth day of work with the best excuse of all, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I just couldn’t get out of bed this morning.”

-Commenting on how my apartment “must have cost a fortune.”

-Bringing your financial problems to work 
(I don’t want to hear about the friend who lent you money and who is going back to Madagascar tomorrow and wants her money back asap – in fact hinting again that you need an advance.)

-Bringing your love life to work 
(I don’t care that your new husband can’t get his visa to join you in France and you are fighting French Immigration administration for this and that. Hey – I’m a foreigner in this country too. I know what French admin is like. It sucks! I don’t need you to go on about it for 15 minutes. Been there done that!)

-Informing me that you are still co-sleeping with your 16 year old son. Eeewww.


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