The Paint Pot Building

A building transformed into a giant paint pot might seem surprising, but it is only one of several curiosities on the quixotic Quai d’Austerlitz.

Take the lines 5 or 6 of the Metro as they fly across the Seine and you can’t help but notice the giant luminous blobs of paint oozing down the sides of a riverside tower block.

Standing on the Quai d’Austerlitz, this is the creation of urban artist Idem, who decorated the empty building over two days at the end of 2012.
“I wanted to give the impression that it was a giant overflowing paint pot” explained the artist in the Le Parisien newspaper, without giving any further insight into his rather surreal choice.

Idem’s creation was no clandestine happening though. Local authorities in the 13th arrondissement are actively promoting the building as a support for urban artists until its scheduled demolition this autumn. Those allergic to the colour orange may be happy to know that these blobs of paint will soon disappear…to be replaced by another surprise!

To get the best angle of the building, exit the metro at Bercy station and cross over the Pont de Bercy.


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