The Perfect Destination Wedding Guest

When I was little, my brother and I had a subscription to a kids magazine called Highlights. One of the cartoons that I loved in that mag was called “Goofus and Gallant” about 2 brothers who were presented with different social dilemmas in each issue.  Goofus always took the low road (”Goofus doesn’t share his treats” – with a drawing of Goofus shoving a Twinky in his mouth in front of a crying toddler) and Gallant, the high road (”Gallant gives half to his sister” – picture Gallant and Sissy happily sharing a Ho-ho).  I’d like to take this moment to revive Goofus and Gallant to illustrate some social situations that you might find yourself in as a Destination Wedding Guest. Which road will you take?

Situation 1. One day you receive a mysterious package in the mail. Opening it, you find a miniature chocolate Eiffel Tower, and a “Save-the-date” card. Oh, yippee- your cousin Suzie is getting married next September- in Paris! What do you do next?


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