The Raspail Bio Market

Raspail_bio_marcheI don’t go very often to the Marché Bio at Boulevard Raspail (in the 6th, between Rue de Rennes & Rue du Cherche-Midi, every Sunday morning) even though it’s not far from me, mainly because it’s expensive and I can get most of the products at my own local bio boutique or the bio stand at the Auguste Blanqui market (Tues, Fri, Sun at M° Corvisart). Or maybe I just tell myself that because I’d find too many great things there, and I don’t have a €100/week organic food budget.

powerpurpleSo when my friend offered to pick me up in his car last week on the way to Raspail, I put a €20 in my coat pocket and left the bank card at home. Wise move. Raw chocolate, Stevia (full leaf or ground), trays of fresh wheatgrass, purple maize juice, plenty of yummy looking baked goods (no, not those muffins…I worked at a muffin shop once, the thrill is gone), and the fabulous selection of organic veggies was more than tempting. It’s impossible to walk through the Raspail market without overhearing at least one person complain about the prices. This week I wish I had my camera ready to snap the expression on a woman’s face when told the bar of raw chocolate was €9. At least the accordion music was good for once, which was surprising considering how freezing cold it was on Easter Sunday in Paris.

I did end up taking home a loaf of excellent whole grain bread, a little container of fresh sheep’s milk butter, a bunch of carrots and some celery, and a new vegetable peeler to replace the sorry excuse of a peeler that came with my flat (and, I’m sure, is for lefties).


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  1. Comment by alana | 04/10/10 at 11:54 am

    Ohh I love those yummy baby olives they sell there! I actually didnt find them too expensive? Maybe it’s because the little organic fruit and vegetable shop in my town (I live in the burbs on the southern side of Paris) charged me €22 yesterday for a little punnet of strawberries and 8 tomatoes – agghh!!

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