The Soaring ’20s

While this large lounge can easily hold a hundred, it still offers an air of intimacy with nooks and alcoves packed with comfortable armchairs, candlelit coffee tables and heavy drapes. The ladies’ offers up two loos in the same room, so you can gossip with the girls literally nonstop. Dim lighting and an eclectic assortment of pieces like a grand piano, vintage prints and framed insects give it a bit of elegance with attitude. Sexy wait staff with just a pinch of the expected attitude make the rounds.

Twelve cocktails are divided between classics (like the bijou or pisco sour) and house creations at 12 to 15 Euros. My friend Cliodhna and I went off menu with a nicely done martini and old fashioned. There was a bit too much sugar in the bottom of her glass for her taste, but I don’t mind a bit of sweet grit in my old fashioned.

I couldn’t place the gin and later found out it was Seagram’s, which I haven’t had for years. Although it’s owned by French company Pernod-Ricard, it doesn’t seem to show up in most of the bars I frequent in Paris, and I associate it much more with US drinking habits. (Seagram’s 7 and 7, anyone?) Otherwise, nothing too unusual with the other gins on offer of Bombay Sapphire, Hendrick’s and Tanqueray.

I followed up with a Très Honoré (Jack Daniels, Chambord, white peach puree, fresh mint, and lime juice.) With its very particular taste, Jack can be a touchy spirit to mix with. However, peach seems a natural pairing for it and the Jack came through nicely without being masked by too much sweetness. We tried a few more, but I must admit that note taking fell by the wayside as Cliodhna and I caught up. But, in general it seems they are making a decent drinks effort.


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