The Trouble with Harry’s

A big thumbs-down goes to Harry’s New York Bar (it advertises itself as “Sank Roo Doe Noo” in the second arrondissement), which seems to be confusing itself with the Ritz Hemingway Bar. There is now a “hostess” at the door to enforce dress code, so when a dozen local expats tried to stop in for a drink recently after running in the #BostonStrongParis event (to show support for victims of the Boston Marathon bombings), we were rudely turned away for looking “offensive” in our running clothes, even though we calmly explained our cause and showed the ribbons and banners worn during the 100-strong person run through the streets of Paris.

Harry’s just seemed like the closest thing to a Boston-style bar in central Paris, and honestly it’s sad to discover they’re more interested in looking fashionable than in showing solidarity with a good cause. Unsurprisingly, I found out the next day that one of my clients walked out of there recently for being treated rudely by the barman (and he is an international traveler who speaks perfect French and used to go to Harry’s years ago, not some ignorant “plouc” in shorts).


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  1. Comment by carrie | 05/09/13 at 7:20 pm

    That is a shame. I always liked Harry’s and they have an opportunity to be a beloved institution for intrepid locals or expats in need of a taste of home. For the year my husband and I lived in Paris, we would have been happy to bring a lot of business to Harry’s, but their drink prices seemed geared for tourists rather than locals. I can’t imagine wanting to run a business just for tourists and looky-loos, but maybe it generates more income for them.

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