The View from Here

printemps rooftopIt’s an insider secret that the rooftop of Printemps has some of the best views of Paris. The access to the roof via the escalators going up to the ninth floor is free and attached to the cafeteria. printemps 2There are also benches to sit on to enjoy the view. I hadn’t been in years and last Saturday I decided to go back and take photos. It was a picture postcard day with small clouds dotting the blue spring sky. I was able to get shots of the gorgeous gilded gold towers.

Here are a few fun facts about Printemps I bet you didn’t know.
1. Printemps was the first store to have elevators, which were installed in 1874
2. Printemps was the first store to have electricity, introduced in 1888
3. Their pricing strategy of marking set prices on all the merchandise, eliminating haggling based on customer appearance, was revolutionary.
4. When the metro opened in 1904, Printemps was the first store to have a direct metro entrance.
5. Printemps used to hand out bouquets of violets to customers on the first day of spring.
6. The famous cupola above the main restaurant was dismantled in 1939 and hidden in Clichy for fear it would be bombed during WWII.


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