The View from Here

Notre Dame Tower always has a long line, so I’ve pretty much written it off over the years. I was with tour clients two weeks ago at Notre Dame and only two people on line, so I figured now is my chance. I went back last Monday on a clear, sunny day. There was a bit of a line this time but the ticket taker said it would be no more than 30 minutes, which I can deal with, so I decided to stay. Ten minutes later I was schlepping up the winding, spiral 387-step staircase. It’s real endurance test as there is no place to rest in between steps. I made it to the top and the view was spectacular. I think it’s a better view than the Eiffel Tower because you see the older part of Paris, plus since it’s not as high, you see the details of the buildings much better. It was also great to see the famed gargoyles up front and close. Some of my favorite shot are the ones of the nearby rooftops.


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