The Vomiting Man of Paris

the vomiting man of Paris
Could I track down the location of an unusual Paris façade and unveil the story behind this building’s cover? I enjoy receiving unusual missions, and the one sent by a reader was atypical. sketch vomiting man“Somewhere in the 16e arrondissement is a building with a vomiting man sculpted into the façade,” he wrote. “Please can you tell me where it is and the story behind it?”

Vomiting sculptures didn’t throw up any immediate memories, so I requested a few more details.

“About 15 years ago, following a guidebook, I went on a walking tour that linked up many of the Art Nouveau façades in the 16th arrondissement. The vomiting man was one of the highlights of the tour,” he added.

vomiting man detailWas this god then some kind of comment on a design brief that architect Charles Lemaresquier felt had been too restricting in 1925? Lemaresquier later gave up the profession and became a full-time artist in the South of France. I can’t help seeing the addition of the vomiting Bacchus as the exasperated scribble of a bored artist. Either that or he was as drunk as Dionysis the night before he had to hand in the completed design!

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