There’s an Exam for That

“When I was at university, I wanted a summer job,” said a man sitting next to me at dinner, “and I had a choice. I could be a journalist, or a berger.”

“A berger?” I said. “You mean, someone who herds sheep?”

“Oui, exactement. Well, I wanted to be a berger– I thought it would be more interesting. I was imagining having the whole day long to read. But to become a shepherd in France, you had to take an exam.”

“An exam!” I said, astounded. “What on earth for?”

“Oh, you know. The sheep could fall down and you might have to bandage its leg, I don’t know. To become a journalist, there was no qualification. So, I became a journalist! Ha ha ha, I always tell my journalist friends it is easier to become a journalist in France than to herd sheep!”

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