Top French Baby Names

Once, in France, the law was such that one could name a child only after a saint.

Now that this law is no longer applicable, couples tend to give their offspring trendy names. Among these is Lily-Rose : yes, after the daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis.

There are also now a fair share of girls named Evita (yes, since the movie and musical ‘Evita’) and a few named Diana (yes, after Princess Diana). I even know a Zizi after the singer, dancer and cabaret artist, Zizi Jeanmaire.This is a name that provokes quite a few giggles because zizi is the slang for the male sexual organ.

Each year the most popular names of the previous year is given by the publication L’Officiel des prénoms.

Between 2001 and 2010, the favorites were:
Boys: Lucas, Enzo, Théo, Thomas, Hugo, Nathan, Mathis, Maxime, Louis, Clément, Tom, Léo, Antoine, Alexandre, Alexis, Arthur, Quentin, Paul, Raphael and Matheo.
Girls: Léa, Emma, Manon, Chloé, Camille, Clara, Inès, Sarah, Jade, Océane, Marie, Anaïs, Lucie, Lola, Eva, Julie, Mathilde, Louise, Laura and Zoé.

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