Trashed Foods Gets New Life

discosoup 1This past Saturday, a friend and I participated in an event at our local market called Disco Soupe. It was co-sponsored by the Disco Soupe Movement and Les Rencontres Cuisine et Sant̩. The goal of the event was twofold: to raise awareness of food waste, and to show how fruits and veggies that would normally be thrown out can be turned into appetizing and healthy meals. Prior to our arrival, they had gone around to several market stands to collect the fruits and veggies that would be thrown out. They ended up with quite the selection Рeggplant, zucchini, carrots, onions, bananas, strawberries, kiwis, apricots, apples and loads of peaches.

The chef gave each one of us a knife and then we started sorting through all of the boxes of food, first cutting out the bad parts, then washing, then cutting into pieces and peeling. They also had a live band (of anglophones!) playing ’50s music to accompany us while we chopped and peeled. Then it was time to start cooking, mixing and assembling. There were several different t<ables going at once.

chef at discosoupOnce it was done, everyone was handed a bowl and a spoon and invited to dig in. The various tables had prepared a vegetable soup, an asparagus soup, an eggplant dip, a spicy salsa, and several different fruit smoothies (apple-kiwi, banana-strawberry, pear, peach-apricot, etc).

A torrential rain started pouring down right at that point – which was right when those poor kids were struck by lightning in the park – so everyone started packing up and leaving. They had suggested in the welcome email to bring Tupperware, and no one else had really brought any, so my friend and I loaded up ours with the leftovers and it made for a lovely “recycled” dinner that evening.


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