Using QR Codes at Museums

QR codes are a handy way to visit Paris. The Paris transportation system (RATP) uses the code at the bus stops. The Arts and Decoratifs Museum uses the codes for some of their exhibits. Two QR code readers available for my smart phone are Mobiletag and QRReader.

Bus stops post the time before the next bus. It is rare to find a stop without this service. Look for the QR code on the sign. You will be taken to the RATP site for the next two arrival times.

Until January 5, 2014 at the Musée des Arts décoratifs, bring your smartphone with a QR code app. Using the QR code and the museum’s WiFi to tour the exhibit “Trompe-l’œil, Imitations, pastiches et autres illusions” (click on the UK flag for English). The explanation of objects on display comes up in both French and English with a photo. Save the information and read again later. This is a “thumbs up” exhibition. You will never look at linoleum the same ever again! and you may learn about the origin of toilet-related phrases of sitting on the stool.

I took some photographs of the exhibition codes, held my phone up to my computer at home and it works! I could re-visit the highlights.

The museum is one of four museums and learning centers taking part in the QR code experiment (Les Arts Décoratifs [pictured here], Le Pays d’Art et d’Histoire de la Vallée de la Dordogne Lotoise, Le Cube, Le Clavim, Issy Média, Le musée français de la Carte à Jouer).


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