Vegetarian Bliss

Café Pinson is the newest savvy vegetarian restaurant in Paris. The owners, Damien Richardot, a successful restaurant owner with three popular restaurants in Paris, and Agathe Audouze, who was formerly in the fashion and cosmetic marketing business and went on to study naturopathy, decided to go partners and to create an organic, vegetarian restaurant that would be fun, delicious and beautiful. They hired an American chef from Seattle, Cameil Kaundart, and designer Dorothée Meilichzon, who had designed the hip Canal St. Martin Hotel Paradis. Dorothée used all natural and plant based materials along with Fung shei principles to create a bright, cheerful and friendly environment.

I want last week for lunch at 2:30 PM and it was jammed with the trendy Marais design and fashion folk. Word has gotten out quickly as the café has only been open three weeks and has received lots of press on blogs and websites. I went for the 17 euros, three- course formule. I had a choice of salad, savory tart, or soup for first course, and selected the butternut squash soup. It was a cold blustery day and the hot and hearty soup warmed my insides well. Next up was the risotto with some form of whole grain, gluten free rice topped with shaved carrot swirls. It had a near perfect consistency, which is always tricky with risotto that’s not cooked to order. I have been on a low-glycemic diet since the New Year which means no sugar, or any white food including pasta, most bread, and potatoes. The dessert of pureed pears with Rooibos tea was satisfying and guilt free as I lapped up every spoonful of it.


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