Versailles IN the RER

Until the end of 2014, RER C travelers have a one in four chance to travel royally.

You don’t know when, but at any moment, RER C travelers might be sitting in either the Gallery of Mirrors, the library, the Queen’s bedroom or under a trellis of roses. A decoration project is being promoted as a way to attract travelers heading to their everyday destination and for some all the way to Versailles.

Until the end of this year, 5 RER cars will be decorated as rooms at Versailles. The interiors will benefit not only the tourists but the daily working public as well. Every day, 550,000 people use the RER C. 10% are tourists.

What about graffiti and tagging? The bet is the wonderful impression and the enchantment of the voyagers will infect the vandals or taggers so they are inspired to view and enjoy the cars as well. In theory, the materials used for the decoration should be resistant to vandalism or tagging.


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  1. Comment by Rachna | 05/25/12 at 11:22 am

    I wanna go to france for mybfrench language

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