Wave of the Future?

A friend and I were standing on a metro station platform, and I looked longingly at the snacks in the vending machines. “I didn’t bring any change, too bad these things don’t take cards,” I said. Then I noticed the huge sign on the side of the machine showing a Visa card with a payWave symbol. So I waved my card in front of the payment sensor, chose a pair of Snickers, and we were happily munching as the train approached the platform. Apparently if your Visa card has the little payWave symbol (looks like Wifi symbol), you can use it for purchases up to €20 in any equipped machines and shops and fast-food shops (although I have only now started to actually look for it, so I’m not sure how widespread it is yet; stay tuned). It’s much easier than carrying coins around, and nice that you don’t have to punch in a PIN. This could be dangerous for my sugar cravings!


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